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Black Hair Grows Hair Growth Oil (For All Hair Types)

All hair grows and black hair is not an exception! Black Hair Grows Hair Growth Oil has proven to be very effective in not only stimulating hair growth but also aids towards maintaining a healthier, stronger hair. Infused with 7 different types of oil each providing unique nutrients for healthier, stronger, longer hair, your hair is guaranteed to have all it it needs in one bottle.

✅Stimulate Hair Growth
✅Protects Against/Restores Hair Loss
✅Strengthen and Stimulate Hair Follicles
✅Moistures Hair and Scalp
✅Soothes Scalp and Treats Dandruff
✅Protects Hair From Damage
✅Reduce Hair Thinning
✅Rich in Nutrients and Antioxidants

Section hair into small parts and apply straight to scalp, thoroughly massage oil in with fingers. Leave in and style as desired. Can be used daily or as frequently as desired. For best result use at least 2-3 days a week. For extra shine, apply on wet hair before a blow dry or on dry hair after a blow dry.


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